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  • ★ This course focuses on speaking & listening of basic conversation and the topics of daily life, food, directions, numbers and shopping etc.
  • ★ Learn basic grammar and sentence structures.
  • ★ Extended conversation – focus on language structures.
  • ★ Learn to speak more smoothly, hold conversations and express yourself.
  • ★ Understand the basic Chinese characters.
  • ★ Remove your language barriers and polish essential communication skills.
  • ★ Gain recognized certification in Chinese (HSK).
  • ★ Learn to read and write Chinese.
  • ★ Business & Social Networking – Focus on everyday business language. Learn the appropriate workplace communication and polite social interaction, introductions, scheduling, phone calls and extending invitations.
  • ★ Advanced Business Communication - Focus on understanding the culture and subtle principles of conducting business in China. Learn the industry specific language and discussions concerning modern China. Practice industry topics such as trade, finance, marketing, real estate and customer service.
Online Learning
  • Learning Mandarin online, no matter which country you are in, Mandarin is all around you!
  • We provide the professional translators for your different requirements, such as: meetings, events, visiting factories and business trips, etc.
English Courses

Native professional English speaking teachers provided to give the English lessons.

Vicky Bing Chen

Course Director

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